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PURITO Defence Barrier Ph Cleanser 150ml


Packed with tea tree leaf oil, centella asiatica and royal jelly extracts, this slightly acidic facial cleanser not only effectively removes skin impurities, but also restores damaged cells while strengthening skin’s barrier.



About Me

It’s time to wake your sleeping skin cells up gently and peacefully!

PURITO pH cleanser is a mild product with a pH of 5.5, the skin most comfortable pH for skin health. It contains no Polyethylene Glycol-PEG, Sulfate, or the other 20 harmful ingredients to wake your skin early gently every morning. If your skin still feels dry after cleansing and you are looking for an effective skin care product, PURITO pH cleanser can work magic with its rich moisturizing and cleansing experience.

Strong Point
1. Gel type formulation with excellent cleansing.
2. Comfortable and refreshing cleanser that transforms weak acid cleanser with minimal foaming into excellent foam-rich cleansing power that protects the skin barrier.
3. Made from safe ingredients, free from common harmful additives, such as PEG and Sulfate.
4. Ensures rapid relief of skin dryness and deep moisturizing, for a soft and moist cleansing experience.
Superb Tip & How To Use
A cleansing routine that protects the skin barrier with thorough moisturizing!


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