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PAX MOLY 99% deep marine collagen Soothing (Face & body) 300g


Apply as needed to face at the last skin care routine step, massage gently for the gel to be absorbed in the skin. It is good to be used as a body moisturizer twice a week.

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  • Collagen and natural ingredients
  • Botanical made
  • Soothing after suntan / Body & face moisturizer

10 way use:

  1. Facial toner / lotion / moisturizer
  2. Anti aging gel
  3. Make-up base
  4. After shave
  5. Body gel after bathing
  6. Hair treatment
  7. Nail care
  8. Facial pack
  9. Wrinkle care
  10. Aromatic massage


  1. Eases irritation from sun burn.
  2. Cools down your skin.
  3. Soothing
  4. Moisturizing
  5. Nourishing
  6. Reduces wrinkles
  7. Eases redness
  8. Makes your skin glow and fresh
  9. Relaxing & aromatic scent


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