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Numbuzin No.5 Vitamin-Niacinamide Concentrated Pad (70Pads)


Numbuzin No.5 Vitamin-Niacinamide Concentrated Pad is a powerful skincare solution designed to promote clear and revitalized skin with a focus on brightening. These pads are saturated with a potent essence that contains a blend of key ingredients such as Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Coenzyme Q10.

All Skin Types / Made in Korea

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– Double-sided square glutathione film pad
– Brightening traces of glutathione and niacinamide 5%
– Hypoallergenic exfoliation of PHA and LHA ingredients
– Improvement of melanin (pigmentation, blemishes) on the outside of the skin, improvement of melanin in the skin, improvement of skin tone and improvement of skin brightness (tone)

How To Use

After cleansing, take one cotton pad and gently wipe it over your entire face.

Key Ingredients

Antioxidant whitening ingredients – niacinamide (50,000 ppm), ascorbic acid, tocopherol, tranexamic acid, ascorbylglucoside, ubiquinone, glutathione (0.3 ppm)
Exfoliating ingredients – gluconolactone, citric acid, capriloyl salicylic acid
Moisture soothing ingredients – dipropylene glycol, glycerin, hydroxyethylurea, batein, panthenol (750.1 ppm), ethylhexylglycerin, dipotasium glycidylate, sodium hyalolunate, pantolactone


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