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Powerful sheet mask offers superb pore tightening effects for stressed-out, sensitive skin. A cocktail of naturally-derived ingredients, including the uber-moisturizing hyaluronic acid, skin-soothing centella asiatica and sebum-removing algae extract to result in fine, smooth, plumped-up skin. Each set comes with ten pieces.

28g / All Skin Types / Made in Korea

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A sheet mask(28g) in fused with deep-sea marine botanicals such as purple sea urchins and algicin acid along with pore controlling ingredients to deliver pore tightening and clarifying benefits to sagged and large pores. This powerful sheet mask also delivers an immediate cooling sensation, leaving skin and pores deeply hydrated with triple hyaluronic acids complex. It also contains soothing ingredients like guaiazulene, madecassoside and calamines to relieve skin stresses. *For sensitive skin types*

Key Ingredients
Purple Sea Urchins
Containing purple sea urchins to help shrink and tighten up enlarged pores, leaving skin tight and improve elasticity.
5 Marine Algae Complex
Marine algae complex containing extracts from kelp, green confertii, spirulina, seaweed, and agar helps promote clean and clear pores and skin.
PHA (Poly Hydroxy Acids)
A third-generation of peeling ingredients that are effective but safe and less irritating for all sensitive skin types.

How To Use
1. Apply the mask onto face after cleansing.

2. Remove after 10-20 minutes and pat gently until remaining essence is fully absorbed.


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