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Nacific – Real Floral Toner Calendula – 180ml


Real calendula petals and 91% calendula flower water in this toner help remove dirt and makeup residue after cleansing. Simply soak cotton pad with toner and swipe over face. The color change is due to the reaction of calendula petals and doesn’t affect product quality.

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Multi-purpose toner with real calendula petals promotes moisturising and soothing benefits that last.
Gentle to skin and comfortable to wear. It leaves your skin refreshened without sticky feeling.
Jeju Herb 7-Complex (rosemary, chrysanthemumlemongrass, teatree etc.) as a remedy for stressed-out skin ensures your skin’s barrier stays intact.


Suggested Use
1. Cleanse the remaining impurities from the face.
2. Put the suitable amount of toner on cotton pad and wipe off your skin softly.
3. Pat your face lightly to absorb.


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