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MISSHA Super Aqua No Wash Deep Cleansing Water


How to use:

  1. Turn the pump to the right into the “open” position and pump a small amount onto a cotton pad and use it to clean your face.
  2. Then take another pump stroke for an extra adhesive make-up, such as around the eyes.
  3. The Deep Cleansing Water must not be washed off with water. If you like, you can of course do that though!

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The Cleansing Water with 92% pure moisture gently removes even strong make-up and effectively cleanses deep into the pores without irritating your skin. At the same time it moisturizes your skin back on. Your complexion is smoothed and radiates clear and fresh.

  • Perfect distance and heavy makeup
  • Pore depth facial cleansing without washing
  • Fresh finish without gloss or distension
  • pleasant after feel with padded moisture depots
  1. The mild vegetable cleaning components in the Deep Cleansing Water reliably remove makeup and impurities without irritating your skin.
  2. Moisclean is a mixture of a gentle cleanser and a rich moisturizer that provides your skin during cleansing with blazing moisture. Moisclean ensures a thorough removal of impurities and leaves clear and moisture-kept wellness skin.
  3. Blue Lotus cleanses and refreshes your skin and washes away harmful environmental influences. Blue Lotus – extract is quantitatively course limited and therefore particularly valuable. They clear your skin for a youthful complexion.


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