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Missha Hot Burning Body Gel 200ml


Body gel to create firm, tight skin and perfect body line Shaping body care for those with loss of elasticity and sagging skin. For areas of concern including upper arms, stomach, waist, hips, and thighs. Seaweed and bitter orange extracts help create a slim body silhouette by restoring elasticity to the skin



MISSHA Hot Burning Body Gel

MISSHA Hot Burning – With heat against cellulite and for a firm, sporty shape!

# Double effect with heat
# Stimulation of blood circulation
# Minimization of cellulite
# Reduction of body circumference
# Smooth, silky skin

# Body gel helps make a perfect body shape by tightening skin up.
# Providing Elasticity
# It provides elasticity to your body skin by tightening skin up.
# Smooth and Moisturized
# Gel texture provides moisture, absorbing to skin with freshness after massaging.

Ingredients :
# Menthol and mint for a cooling, firming effect.
# Caffeine for circulation stimulation.
# Coconut oil for a soft, silky skin.
# Bitter orange extract for extra freshness.
# Aloe for a lot of moisture.

# After shower, apply on any spots you want to such as thighs, upper arms, stomach and etc. as if giving an intense massage.

* Using day and night consistently would provide better effect.

* Wash your hands after massaging since the active ingredients may be left on your hands, giving uncomfortable feeling.

* You may feel the change of your body shape when using for more than 3 weeks with working out together.


1. Only use on the dry body.
2. Working out after applying would provide better effect
3. Your skin may turn red; however, it is because active ingredient is absorbed into the skin.
4. Be careful with hot water within an hour after applying.
5. Storing in a refrigerator in summer time may give you more cooling feeling.
6. Using body scrub to take care of dead skin cells before body gel would provide better effect, helping to absorb active ingredients.


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