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Laneige Water Bank Hydro Kit


Suggested Use
1. Water Bank Hydro Essence 10ml
– After pumping 2~3 times, evenly apply on the inside and working outward.
– gently tap to promote absorption into skin.2. Water Bank Gel Cream10ml
– After using essence and eye gel, dispense a ginkgo seed-sized amount, apply equally on cheeks,forehead, and chin in dots, and spread.
– Gently dab away the left over content of moisture to let skin absorb them perfectly.3. Water Bank Eye Gel_EX 3ml
– After washing the face, evenly apply an appropriate amount around eyes.
– Gently tap to promote absorption into skin.

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1. Water Bank Hydro Essence 10ml
– Mineral water makes your skin clear and moist.
– Protects moisture from evaporating from your skin.

2. Water Bank Gel Cream10ml
– Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream builds up a strong moisture barrier on the skin with hydro-ion mineral water that fills up the skin from deep inside.

3. Water Bank Eye Gel_EX 3ml
– A cooling eye gel to instantly address tired-looking eyes with the surge of weightless moisture.


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