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Laneige Perfect Renew Trial Kit (5 Items)


How to use
Skin Refiner :
1. After cleansing, pump 1-2 times to apply.
2. Gently apply along the skin texture.

Emulsion :
1. After using skin refiner, pump 1-2 times.
2. Gently apply along the skin texture.

1. This is a high-concentration essence designed to use at night time only.
2. After using emulsion, use the dropper on lid to release an appropriate amount and gently apply from center of face towards the contour.
3. Lightly pat using fingertips for penetration.

Eye Cream :
1. Apply under the eye.

Cream :
Day & night apply on face as the final skincare step.

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1. LANEIGE – Perfect Renew Skin Refiner
Skin refiner that transparent gel penetrates into skin giving moisture and tension.

2. LANEIGE – Perfect Renew Emulsion
Lotion that fits into your skin tightly by absorbing moisture.

3. LANEIGE – Perfect Renew Regenerator
Essence that prevents premature aging and helps your complexion look more contoured.

4. LANEIGE – Perfect Renew Eye Cream
Highly concentrated treatment eye cream with firming and revitalizing effect.

5. LANEIGE – Perfect Renew Cream
Low viscose cream that cares first signs of aging.

Skin Refiner 15ml, Emulsion 15ml, Regenerator 7ml, Eye Cream 3ml, Cream 10ml


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