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How to use:
1) Essential Power Skin Refiner Moisture
Use every morning & night after cleansing face
Gently wipe across the face from center & out

2) Essential Balancing Emulsion Moisture
Use after using toner in the morning & night
Gently apply on face in the direction of skin texture, starting from inside of the face & working outward. Lightly pat to promote absorption into skin

3) Water Bank Essence EX
* Evenly spread it on the cheeks using the index, middle & ring fingers together and gently press the cheeks (5x)
* Spread It on the chin with three fingers together, starting from center & working toward the tail of the mouth. Lightly press the middle area between the lower lip and chin (5x)
* Evenly spread it on forehead in a spiral shape using three fingers, moving from left to right. Then gently press on forehead (5x)

4) Water Bank Gel Cream
Apply equally on cheeks, forehead & chin in dots. Spread well

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What it is:
1) Essential Power Skin Refiner Moisture (25ml)
Moisturizing toner that works wonders on dry, flaky skin, refining the surface and leaving it clean & moisturized
Contains Bio-Dusali and fermented seaweed that grows in extreme conditions, energizing skin & restoring healthy skin turnover; hyacinth extracts help skin flush out heavy metals, pollutants & other harmful substances so that skin stays clean & moisturized
Contains exfoliating enzymes that refine skin’s surface; ingredients such as nutrient-rich royal jelly extracts & sugar beet extracts restore moisture in dry rough skin giving it a healthy appearance

2) Essential Balancing Emulsion Moisture (25ml)
The moisturizing-type emulsion moisturizes dry flaky skin as it is softly & densely absorbed into skin
Restores skin’s moisture balance and keeps skin moisturized by preventing loss of moisture
Its ingredient of jojoba oil keeps skin moisturized & soft with its moisturizing effect

3) Water Bank Essence EX (10ml)
Laneige’s signature moisturizing essence awakens natural moisturizing agents in the skin for 24-hour moisturized skin & smoother skin texture
Contains Hydro Ion Mineral Water that seeps deep into skin, hydrating dry skin & repairing skin damage
Contains tillandsia extracts rich in betaine, a natural moisturizing agent that maintains optimum moisture balance in skin
Quinoa seed extracts and ion minerals that burst upon contact with skin supply immediate moisture for soft, smooth skin

4) Water Bank Gel Cream EX (10ml)
Activate moisturizing genes to increase the production of NMFs
Thorough moisturizing care from the 20th layer to the skin surface


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