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Isntree Sensitive Balancing Cleansing Foam 150ml


Smart cleansing foam that thoroughly removes sebum and residue and replenishes damaged skin barriers.

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This new release from one of our favourite brands, Isntree, is specially formulated to focus on the health of your skin barrier, making it the ideal choice for sensitive skin or a compromised moisture barrier.

Using gentle surfactants, the Sensitive Balancing Cleansing Foam will whisk away all sebum and residue on the skin, but unlike many cleansers, leaves your moisture barrier replenished and your skin soft and supple with no tightness or stripped feeling.

The inclusion of Derma-Clera™, a specially formulated and patented cocktail of ingredients, ensures that your skin remains healthy, while working to replenish a weakened skin barrier (often the cause of sensitivity).

6 different Amino Acids, the building blocks of healthy skin, work to keep skin healthy and hydrated. Panthenol, Ceramide, Betaine, and Allantoin, often referred to collectively as Natural Moisturising Factors or NMF, ensure a moisturised, supple skin after cleansing with this product.

Suitable for all skin types.


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