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Innisfree Brightening Pore Skin 150 ml


A daily all blemish care toner that soothes the skin and tighten pores to reveal clear and healthy skin.

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Product Details

This soothing toner helps to tighten pores and reveal clear and healthy skin. Its lightweight formula is absorbed quickly into the skin, instantly replenishing it with hydration.

– About Brightening Pore Line –

Reduce the appearance of blemishes with the all-new Brightening Pore range. These high performance products contain high concentrations of active ingredients for effective and efficient #AllBlemishCare.

When used daily, this range can help care for all your blemishes and treat the underlying problems of your skin. Noticeable results can be seen as early as 4 weeks from initial application.

The key ingredients that make this range so effective are Jeju Hallabong Peel extract, extracted through ultrasonic waves, that works to firm and clear the skin, and a well-balanced combination of the Triple Vitamin (B3, C, B5) Derivatives which provides a powerful brightening effect.

– Triple Vitamin (B3, C, B5) Derivative Function –

1. Niacinamide (a vitamin B3 derivative) – Regulates melanin production and
improves the appearance of pigmentation.

2. Ethyl Ascorbyl Ether (a vitamin C derivative) – Improves the appearance of imperfections.

3. Panthenol (a vitamin B5 derivative) – Soothes and protects the skin.

“Hallabong(Jeju Citrus)”, a winter seasonal fruit cultivated on Jeju island,
is named after the shape of its pointy stalk end that resembles the peak of Mt. Halla.
Also called as the “honey-coated orange”, this fruit boasts a high sugar content, and is loved as a fancy gift rather than as an easy snack. It has excellent storability with its thick peel, has rich juice, and has a size much bigger that the regular tangerine.Hallabong, a fruit known for its rich Vitamin C content.
Its peel contains various bioflavonoids including hesperidin, an antioxidant for skin.
After testing several techniques, innisfree has discovered that the ultrasonic extraction approach helps soften the peel to effectively extract the active ingredients. From this tenderized Jeju Hallabong peel, we were able to extract skin brightening components, and finally, use them successfully as cosmetic ingredients.
[Directions] Apply desired amount on face.

When your skin needs to be soothed, you can soak cotton pads with this product and apply it as a hydrating facial pack.

– Brightening Pore Skincare Routine –
Facial Cleanser > Skin > Serum > Spot Treatment > Priming Cream > Sleeping Mask


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