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Innisfree Olive Real Body Lotion 310ml


This body lotion is enriched with extra virgin olive oil from the Crete Island to provide hydration to the skin.

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1. Moisturizing with olive #Radiance and moisture
The rich moisturizing and nourishing components of olive fill your skin with healthy nutrients to keep it deeply hydrated even after a shower.

2. Radiant finish #Refreshing texture
The light, refreshing formula gives an instant bouncy glow, then effortlessly seeps in to hydrate the skin.

3. A refreshing, gentle #scent that you’ll never get enough of
The refined, refreshing scent will softly linger to refresh your mood.


Organic olives of the finest quality that were grown in golden sunlight, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea – golden olives

innisfree delivers deep nourishment from olive which had been praised by ancient Mediterranean people for its nutritional value as they called it as “liquid gold”.

* 24-hour hydration from the finest golden olives
Moisturizing skincare made with extra virgin, premium olive oil. Scented with olives for a refreshing way to moisturize skin.

How to use

After taking a shower and wiping off water, apply 3~4 times with an appropriate amount onto palms and gently smooth as you massage onto entire body. After thoroughly applying, gently pat to finish.


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