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BEAUTE Dr. Meladoctor Aqua Whitening Moisture Tea tree Cream 80ml


Beaute whitening tea-tree cream helps Soothing & Moisturizing | Brightening & Smooth Your Skin | Reduce skin blemishes | Nourishing your skin | Manage your skin barrier | Anti Aging & Wrinkle Care | Improves dead skin cell | Protect Your skin from UV Rays, dust & Air.

800ml / All Skin Types / Made in Korea



Beaute whitening tea-tree cream
Mulberry root. Aloe extract. Broccoli extract, etc. It contains generously ingredients that are good for the skin. Challenge to be reborn as beautiful skin! Full of moisture with hyaluronic acid, Adenosine for the Perfect skin with niacinamide!

Hyaluronic acid, a raw material certified by the KFDA. It draws moisture into the skin and makes it moist. Adenosine, one step toward flawless skin. As an ingredient certified by the Food and Drug Administration, Beaute whitening tea-tree cream has excellent effects in improving blemishes and whitening. Niacinamide, a magical ingredient that turns skin age upside down. It is an ingredient certified by the KFDA and has an excellent anti-wrinkle effect.

Features of Beaute whitening tea-tree cream
It contains all the ingredients certified by the KFDA that are good for your skin. Challenge to make honey skin with one product! A highly moisturizing cream containing hyaluronic acid To recharge dry and dry skin with nourishing energy MelaDoctor Aqua Whitening Moist Cream.

With excellent moisture content and high moisturizing nutrition, It fills the skin with moisture and reduces moisture evaporation!!!

I’m not on the thicker makeup They said they like water-glow expression makeup without making it matte Expect this moisturizing cream as well.

• Soothing & Moisturizing.

• Brightening & Smooth Your Skin.

• Reduce skin blemishes.

• Nourishing your skin.

• Manage your skin barrier.

• Anti Aging & Wrinkle Care.

• Improves dead skin cell

• Protect Your skin from UV Rays, dust & Air.

How To Use
01. Apply an adequate amount of the cream at the last step of your skincare.
02. May be used during the day and night.
Beaute whitening tea-tree cream

Mulberry Root. Aloe Extract. Broccoli Extract, Etc.


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