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BEAUTE 24k Meladoctor White Gold Repair Ampoule 30ml


Beaute 24k meladoctor ampoule Double function brightening, Instant recovery and develop elasticity | Anti-aging and Anti wrinkles | Skin damage preparing | High power Moisturizing | Skin Healing Power | Replenishing skin barrier | Excellent antioxidant effects.

30ml / All Skin Types / Made in Korea



Peptide repair ampoule contains adenosine and peptide and bio LB science formula ingredients that are effective in the function of improving wrinkles, and Bresson extract and mulberry root extract that are effective for melanin pigment and is a propolis-based high- nutritive essence ampoule or beaute 24k meladoctor ampoule. It is a double-functional cosmetic product that improves whitening and bright skin.

Based on bright skin whitening, wrinkle improvement, and strengthening of the skin barrier.

This high-quality ampoule provides a complete skincare solution by adding EGF, which is a next-generation skin beauty ingredient and hypothesis activation factor, an LB-BIO science formula(peptide), and 24K gold ingredients in a bottle.

Key Points of beaute 24k meladoctor ampoule
• Another stage of elastic skin.

• Tone up whitening of wholly wrinkle care.

• Remove the shadows from your skin.

• The best one of the existing “antioxidants” is white gold.

• 24K white gold ampoule containing 99.9% purity white gold.

• It makes your dull and dark skin to lively and bright.

• Calm down the reddish skin tone.

• Cleanse the variegated skin tone.

• Double function brightening.

• Instant recovery and develop elasticity.

• Anti-aging and Anti wrinkles.

• Skin damage preparation.

• High power Moisturizing.

• Skin Healing Power.

• Replenishing skin barrier.

• Excellent antioxidant effects.

How To Use
Take the appropriate amount after wash up smoothly spread from inside to the outside of the face along with the skin texture beaute 24k meladoctor ampoule.

Hypothesis activation factor, and lb-bio science formula(peptide), and 24k gold ingredients in a bottle.


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